Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Creative Space

Yesterday Ollie and I made Christmas decorations. Most of you would have seen them around. I have seen some gorgeous ones on various bogs and Pinterest. So anyway I thought I should give it a go. I have a second round of Christmas decoration swap with our baby coffee group, so thought I could make these, and get Ollie to have a go too.  I just used plain old Das, it was ok.. but I'm sure you could get better, softer and more pliable clay.

a collection of textures to stamp onto clay

Ollie getting busy


rolling on a zip (makes train tracks!)

Ollies collection of ornaments

My collection of ornaments for the swap.


Have a lovely Thursday. 


  1. Very cool!! I want to try these one too. Mia and I have some fimo, wonder if that would work?

  2. These decorations are way cool!

  3. Fabulous! Love that smile! I want to give this a go this year as well too. We have made little bowls previously with air dry clay and doilies, but the decorations would be lovely and special for our tree. However, I am currently housebound with a toddler with a tummy bug...


  4. Oh I'm currently in love with the idea of doing this too. (P)inspiration. I loved being involved in our Christmas Ornament swap.

  5. yep - they rock - we did some yesterday too and imprinted some doily marks and also a sprig of rosemary. Yours are just divine xx

  6. these look great :) I need to learn how to play with clay