Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Easy Ottobre Crawler Pants

My cousin ( and I have been getting Ottobre sewing magazines for well over a year now, I have made quite a few of the boys clothes from them. Although I find a lot of the designs "too busy" there are a lot of simple designs in them too. I often adapt/tone down the more "busy" designs to suit my style. This simple pants pattern is one I have used again and again. They are super easy and super practical. Yesterday I made a pair for Luca and a pair for my brothers baby who was born a few weeks ago. I used the same pattern for both but just lengthened the legs for Luca's pair. Easy.


  1. I love this pattern and have made it many times. Love your babies names too. Of course I'm partial to the name Luca. Our poor Lucianna thinks it's pretty funny we nicknamed her Luca. We really intended to call her Lucky, but it just never stuck. I guess it's fitting that my daughter has a boys name since I too have a boys name.

  2. Hi Sascha - welcome to my blog and thanks for taking a look :)
    Your kids have gorgeous names - some of my italian favs actually!