Friday, September 23, 2011

Summer Linen pants for Ollie

Summer is coming (Yay!) so out with the winter clothes and in with the summer. I bought this fabric from Global Fabrics in Wellington a few weeks back when I visited. When we lived there this was my favourite shop and is one of the things I miss most about Wellington - after my friends and family of course.
I love Linen - and it's such great fabric for warmer weather. I love the way it seems to get better each time you wash it. I didn't prewash this fabric (yes I'm sure it will shrink! Thats fine. I am far to impatient to ever prewash fabric!) so they look a bit shinny and "straight", but after a wash they will emerge with that lovely rough linen crinkled look.

I went garage sale-ling  early this morning - I love it! So much fun! I don't do it enough.. I spent under $35 and filled my car! Photos of my finds tomorrow :)

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