Tuesday, February 28, 2012

DIY Light Shades

We had serious hideous light shades in our hallway. 90's frosted glass domes - you know the ones! I have been thinking about what to do about them for some time but I didn't want to go for the easy option of buying purpose built light shades.... So I went to Pinterest and pinned some inspiration. I love how pinterest opens my eyes to what things could be rather than what they are. All I had in my mind was something vaguely resembling a shade...  Then out shopping I found these woven food covers....

All I did was cut out a whole in the top and Voila!

Total cost: $20 and about 10 minutes :) 
I now can glance up while I walk through our hallway without cringing! Which reminds me there are plenty more DIY improvements to be made.. What next? 

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