Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Striped French Canvas Shoes

I was given a small strip of this lovely striped deck chair canvas from our old neighbor and landlord  in Wellington. It's from a gorgeous shop called Madder and Rouge this is the fabric here. It's crazily expensive fabric... like $155 per meter! Anyway this gorgeous fabric sat in my stash for sometime and I thought I would eventually use it to cover an old chair I had. Then looking for baby shoe inspiration, I saw this gorgeous pair of shoes on pinterest and bingo I married the shoe pattern I've had forever and the canvas up to make a pile of shoes good enough to eat! I love how every pair is different to the next yet it's all out of one piece of fabric. These are part of my new Oli e Lui collection.

These are my fav.

Currently selling for NZ$25 per pair :) To View the others see here. You could even "like" Oli e Lui on Facebook. 
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. xx


  1. Good luck with Oli e Lui - you make such lovely clothes. If you were in the UK I'd be buying, buying, buying. Hope it's a huge success. And great idea with the deckchair canvas shoes. Mrs B x

  2. I am fast becoming Oli e Lui's number one fan!! These are ridiculously cute, even cuter than those pants.

  3. Gorgeous Hols! You are so clever at coming up with ideas!

  4. These are just perfect. I love them.

  5. wow, i used to live in the village where this fabric is made...St Laurent de Cerdans in the Pyrenees Orientale in France...they still make it on the original huge noisy looms...your pictures brought back many memories! x

    1. Oh how lovely! I just love this fabric - it's like a candy! I have read a bit about where and how it's made :) I would love to go see for myself!