Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introducing... The Sheep Sack

It has hardly been summer this year and already the weather is turning wintery. Most of NZ is feeling a bit ripped off in the summer stakes. I know I am!
So what better time to start making Merino Wool clothing. I have always put my boys in Sleep Sacks. They are fantastic! Babies and toddlers always wiggle out of their blankets and often wake themselves up from being cold. Pop them in a sleep sack and it not only adds extra warmth under blankets, it also makes it harder for them to wriggle out of the covers. And if  they do - well they'll be wrapped up in merino wool :)
There is a market coming up in April so its given me a deadline (oh how i need a deadline to be productive!) Here are two new "Sheep Sacks" I've made for Oli e Lui.

 They are made with beautifully soft 100% NZ Merino Wool inner and 100% Cotton exterior, with a merino fabric sheep on the front :) Priced from $55, depending on the thickness desired. 
to be available on Etsy soon..


  1. Just beautiful, I really love the colour of the second one.

  2. These are so lovely. Great colours - they look so snug. x

  3. I remember that sheep from Ollie's top! They are very cool Hols and look nice and warm

  4. Love your outfits. I also love New Zealand merino. Lovely website to buy merino fabrics by the metre is