Monday, March 19, 2012

Overwhelming Support & New Styles

I have been blown away by the support I have had since launching Oli e Lui on FB to friends and family and anyone else who has been interested. I was really nervous to start this as an actual business (not that its officially registered... lets not tell the tax man just yet!) but its been about 5 weeks and I have been kept very busy. I am only just keeping up. It's given me a fabulous alternative focus, other than my boys, which has given me a much needed boost. Although there has been one continueing frustration along the way - but I won't go there!

Here are a few new styles from last week (a bit late on posting them)....

"Biddy Skirt" Made with vintage fabric.

Skirts are adjustable to two sizes with a wooden button on the back.

"Linen Luies" in navy. Fabulous roomy butt. 

Designed to fit for longer with roll up cuffs..

Contrasting striped linen for cuff.

These one's I'm calling "Naram Pants" - my version of Harems :)


Biddy Bibs. Front and back views.

Oh, and a Sheep Sack requested in red for a baby shower gift.

Right I'm off to bed. More Biddy Skirts to sew tomorrow, plus the usual daily grind!


  1. beautiful things there. I really love the prints. Wish I had a little cutie to wear them all :)

  2. Thats awesome its going so well Hols!

  3. Gorgeous Holly, your doing such an amazing job! And don't let the "continueing frustration" get to you, just block it out and keep making you lovely pieces!

  4. I absolutely love the skirts, and your Naram pants, will you make them in different colours?? Glad it is going well for you, very brave to start a business :)

    1. Thanks Alicia :) Yeah I think I will make them in other colours eventually. The skirt will come out in a different colour/print sooner as I have almost run out of that fabric :-(