Thursday, October 13, 2011

KCWC day 4: Kite top

We are in Spring here in NZ and today is the AMP show, I always remember as a kid getting dressed up to go to the show... I remember smocked dresses that mum had made us, and sun hats with those neck flaps on them ;-) This is the first year Ollie will be able to really get involved with what the show has to offer, rides, animals, big tractors, hotdogs, candy floss, side shows etc! Its going to be great! I decided I would make them little show outfits... the weather better be kind so they can wear them. To go with yesterdays minty stripe bloomers todays challenge was a top. I cheated a bit with this one... not much sewing involved just a second hand T from the salvation Army and a Kite applique. Super easy :)

Photos to come of the whole outfit. 


  1. Wow you've made some gorgeous things for your boys. What lucky little tinkers. Very inspired by your ideas. And we have the same problem with trousers struggling to fit over reusable nappies. Mrs B x

  2. The kite is cool Hols! And you have a new follower!!