Friday, November 11, 2011

Animal Coat Hooks DIY

We have been cooped up inside for the last few days with rainy cold weather out. Not much fun with two little active kids... and to make it worse our lawn as been dug up and re-seeded so we aren't able to use that even when its fine. Lucky for us the grass is growing and the weather is improving!

Today I felt like getting a bit crafty.... I went out to our local $2 shop and had a wonder around, I spotted these plastic animals. They reminded me of an idea I have seen a few times on Pinterest with various toys stuck on a bit of wood and used as coat hooks! So simple and easy and I think very effective.
Anyway here is how I went....

Plastic Animals +

a piece of wood - or a purpose made coat rack - I cheated a tad on this bit :)

Cut the animals in half - or there abouts depending on what size "hook" you want. I have seen ones made with just heads before.

take off plain hooks and drill holes for screwing onto the wall if needed.

I painted my board with a light white wash.

Using a hot glue gun stick animals halves to wood! 




Enjoy your weekend :)


  1. Clever you! Looks good. I still don't have a hot glue gun!!

  2. I love it that people are attacking plastic animals with big knifes to make hooks all over the world. Who would have thought? But I bet your boys will love them.

  3. Aaah!Love it! This is awesome use of re-cycling.

  4. Holly (know i'm not meant to be reading!) i LOVE this! &, so want to try. you and Leigh are SO INSPIRING! &. love pinterest. look at this:

    cool idea of what to do with the back ends, if you kept them! :)

  5. Awesome! I did keep them... I was going to make some "Bottom magnets" but this is a cool idea too!

  6. OMG! such a great idea. this is going on my to do list for sure! thanks for sharing :)