Saturday, November 26, 2011

Baby Fair and Me!

What a busy week! I have been flat out sewing all week for a baby fair which is on this Saturday that I (very last minute) have decided to sell some clothes at. It's very daunting for me to be one selling my stuff and two to be sharing a table (as in my terrible sewing next to) with my friend Chelsea, who has had her own successful clothing label! I'm doing the boys stuff and she is doing some absolutely gorgeous girls things. 
A couple of things I have learnt this week.. Pressure is a great way to get stuff done. I Have been really wanting to sew in the evenings more often but I am always persuaded by my lazy self to have a "relaxing" night instead. But I can't believe how good I feel after a week of sewing every night for a few hours. 
The other thing I have learnt is that sewing more than one of the same thing (even better 6 of the same thing) is so much easier than just sewing one thing at a time! It always takes me a while to get my head around the pattern (even if its one I have done before!) so sewing a whole heap at once makes for super quick work. Anyway here is a few snaps of the things I have been sewing (mostly half finished..)

stack of half finished linen shorts like these I made a while back.

Knee patch pants

Crawler pants (pattern from Ottobre)

Check Bloomers 

planning... still a bit to do!

One of the many piles of fabric waiting to be used up... or not.

a snap shot of the mess.

I will post again after the fair and show you how we looked


  1. Oh best wishes, people will love your boys clothes. I do.

  2. I really like those aqua pants with the grey knee patches. How exciting for you, can't wait to hear how it goes...

  3. very busy week for you indeed! love those bloomers :) have fun at the markets and i hope you sell all your stock :)