Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Garage Sales, 2nd Hand Shops... My Weakness

When I can I try and get to the various garage sales on Saturday morning here in Gisborne. Some weeks are disappointing and some are fabulous! Check out my finds this week:
Favourite find by far for a long time! ONLY $5 
Watch out soon for a before and after on this baby.

LOve love love it! (p.s garden coming soon!)

A bike for Matt - our last garage sale one (which was so retro and awesome) got stolen! 
a great steal for $5.

bill doily table cloth.... can't remember how much? maybe $5?

ah yes more doilies! 50cents each.. couldn't not get them ;)

Little wooden handled zester. $1

Gorgeous little enamel pouring pot (what are these called?) a couple of dollars

Textured amber glass jug... because who can have enough jugs.... 
my husband may disagree with this..

And Another wool blanket. $5. Because who can have enough wool blankets...
no really they are great!

and just a little add on... It's Matts (husband) Birthday today. Here's the cake we took to his work this morning :) 


  1. Your hubby and I share a birthday :)

    These are some awesome finds! I have a huge weakness for all things thrifted and can't go past an op shop etc without stopping.


  2. Also my weakness. So many bargains. My husband rolls his eyes. But then enjoys the spoils as much as me. Ok maybe not AS much. We have so many woollen blankets!